plant engineering

We now have more than ten years of experience in the operation and construction of recirculation systems with biological filters.


Fish breeding sets different standards of water quality than conventional breeding facilities. The filter volume of the trickling filters is larger, sedimentation more effective and the UV burners more powerful.

Spawning facilities for Koi

For the preparation of the spawning mature Koi, large volume tanks for large fish are required, each tank forming a separate circuit. Large individual custom-fit pools for the spawning grounds, these facilities are also often used as quarantine facilities. Besides the construction, Lothar Primus had a little time to give a first introduction to the reproduction.

Young fish plants

Loading of large-volume GRP single basins.

Assembly and connection of the individual components in a common circuit.

The trickling filter is assembled on site and then the centrifugal pumps with the necessary piping are installed.

Cold water circulation system (outside)

On display is a plant with round basins with a diameter of 9.5 m, in this case for sturgeon production. Consisting of four basins with a total of 535,000 litres, complete with sedimentation (filter capacity 26,000 litres) and trickling filters with a trickling filter volume of 13800 litres each.

Practical is the construction of the sedimentation basin in the middle of the basin group with the water return from all four basins.

One trickling filter in each tank to cover the oxygen demand of the sturgeon and to ensure the biological degradation of the pollutants.

It is possible to operate the pool group with a total of over 500,000 litres very cost-effectively with a 1.5 kW pump.

Sales and presentation building for Koi

Below you can see some pictures of the construction until the completion of a sales and presentation hall for Koi.

Due to time constraints, prefabricated elements made of concrete are used for the pool walls, which are precisely fitted.

After the concrete elements are in the right place, the floors are shuttered and concreted.

Parallel to the concrete work, the filter plants are being built, as here on a trickling filter, which ultimately stands on a GRP basin that was also built.

The shell of the hall is ready. It will be a steel-wood construction with a fivefold light web plate as roof.

Completion of the hall, the floors have been coated and the facilities have been put into operation and have already been filled with fish.

1000qm warm water large circulation system for sturgeon

The following photos document the construction of a large hot water circulation system for sturgeon.

The first concrete work consists of placing the walls and concreting the floor, but of course the right infrastructure for large equipment must be created beforehand. These 20 basins with a volume of 59 sqm water per basin were constructed within ten days.

Then the hall is placed, it is a steel-wood construction with insulated steel sandwich roof.

After completion of the hall, the pool walls and floors are painted with a fish-compatible special coating and the installation of the technology can begin, e.g. a CHP plant for own energy and heat supply.


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