Ornamental fish

We offer you a huge selection for your garden pond

Garden ponds have become increasingly popular in recent years. We have also adapted to this and can offer you a large selection of garden pond fish from our facilities. We offer fish in good quality and sufficient quantity for garden pond owners as well as for traders from our outdoor facilities. Our product range extends from: Pond and bio-pot fish, ornamental fish, Koi, sturgeon, molluscs, crabs, up to aquatic plants and accessories.

The selection of your garden pond fish takes place partly in our outdoor sales area, where we have created a pleasant environment for you and the fish in 20 spacious pools. The Japanese Koinach breeders can be found in our Koi house, as well as our versatile food offer.

Our extensive aquatic plant program for the degradation of ammonium comprises more than 150 different varieties, such as shore plants, mire plants, underwater plants, oxygen plants, driver plants and water lilies.

For professional planting, you can purchase the appropriate planting baskets from us. For all questions and problems with fish, ponds or water quality, we are at your disposal as experts. After sending the business registration, dealers can request a separate price list.


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