Hatchery for professional fish farming

The hatching systems of Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau enable the reproduction of fish all year round, as the systems are independent of environmental influences such as seasons or weather conditions. In the incubation systems, both constant temperatures and constant water parameters prevail. The incubation systems are primarily designed as complete incubation rooms, which are operated as a fully-fledged recirculation system. This means that we need almost no fresh water in our hatcheries.

The hatchery, for egg incubation and breeding of larvae, is adapted to the needs of various fish species such as carp, sturgeon or catfish.
In the incubation systems there are the highest hygiene standards, therefore the incubation rooms are always spatially separated from the young fish and fattening facilities. One hatchery is designed for up to one million fish larvae at full capacity. The hatcheries are the heart of every modern aquaculture and Fischgut Primus has been operating several of these hatcheries very successfully for more than 20 years.
The hatchery system is designed in such a way that it can be accommodated in the smallest space, a space of 6×6 m is sufficient.


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The incubation systems can be operated as hot or cold water circuits. With a power consumption of only 0.7 KW, they are energy-saving and environmentally oriented.

The water purification takes place in several steps. The first stage is the mechanical cleaning, which filters the suspended solids out of the water by sedimentation with the aid of gravity. After this water calming, a very essential part of the hatchery comes: the water disinfection, i.e. the sterilisation of the circulating water by means of custom-made professional UVC burners. These guarantee a large water passage through a diameter of up to 150mm.

Another phase in the process of cleaning the circulating water is biological purification via a trickling filter. Here the aerobic, biological main decomposition of pollutants takes place as well as an additional oxygen enrichment and nitrogen reduction. The trickling filter has a maintenance-free packing made of special filter material, which does not have to be cleaned.

Construction of two recirculation systems (2017)

The Hatcheri (hatchery) was built in another region.

This is completely manufactured in Germany / Iserlohn and shipped to China in single parts. There it was built and put into operation as a full recirculation system for several 100,000 sturgeon incubators per batch.

We have already built this plant in many countries such as Romania, Philippines, Switzerland etc. . Since the fish stock has identical plants, the plant managers can be trained in advance in the plant, so that the plants can go into operation immediately after completion.


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