Pond service

Professional care for your garden pond

Pond cleaning, pond care, design and pond maintenance

The professional design of garden ponds or swimming ponds also includes the construction of, for example, individually manufactured bathing ladders made of V4 A stainless steel.

But also the construction and of course the maintenance of series pond submersible pumps or powerful mono block centrifugal pumps for energy-saving water movements, which are used for the wetting of filter systems no matter whether module filters or on-site built sedimentations and trickling filters.

The pond service also includes cleaning the pond bottom with powerful pond vacuum cleaners from sediments to very heavy contamination (sludge, sedimentation). However, this can be done with greater effort and is therefore only worthwhile for large systems.

It goes without saying that we also maintain your systems regularly. In addition, we take care of your pond planting. An autumn pruning is necessary so that the plants do not rot in the pond and negatively influence the water quality.

Today you even go one step further. We will install an autumn removal for you so that (especially with a large tree population) not unnecessarily many leaves burden your pond and the pond water in addition. Modern pond weeding is not only very elective but also looks very futuristic, so that many pond owners leave the weeding on their pond throughout the winter.

The advantages are, of course, that the water does not cool down so much and the fish / Koi spend the winter much calmer under the depletion.

Of course, it is also important to maintain and replace the UV-C fuel rods regularly – especially for large systems / ponds, for the health of the fish.

To the pond service belong naturally all work around the garden pond, the pond filter up to the organization of the garden pond, which can be a Koi disturbing swim, or nature near garden pond.



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