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  • Really tasty – from the smoke directly on the table “Lust auf Fisch” (Fish lust)
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Real caviar from the Sauerland – is that available? On the Fischgut Primus in Iserlohn you can experience the way from rearing the valuable sturgeon to caviar production for yourself. Take a look behind the scenes of an exceptional fish farm, in which the famous Japanese Koi carp is bred in addition to the sturgeon, which is probably unique in Europe in this size.

The Primus family’s fish farm is all about small and, above all, very large fish. The world’s largest freshwater fish and oldest surviving vertebrate from the age of the dinosaurs, the sturgeon grows up to 9 metres long and weighs up to a ton. His favorite occupation is resting, eating and growing. The Fischgut offers all this to young and old visitors. Lothar Primus is known as a specialist in sturgeon breeding. Because of its size and trusting behaviour, sturgeon is increasingly used in large ponds and garden ponds. There is no escape reflex inborn in him and therefore he even likes to be stroked by children. You can experience this up close by climbing into a waders provided by the Primus family and courageously entering the pond. With Lothar Primus or one of his employees you will quickly find out that it is not so easy to lift a 2.5 m long white sturgeon (A.transmontanus) weighing 200 kg. Some people have already felt “as fresh as a fish in water” and went swimming.

Besides sturgeon breeding, one of the few breeding facilities for Japanese Koi carp in Germany is also located on the fish stock. These koi are used as hobby fish for private garden ponds. Due to their trusting nature, they are highly appreciated by fish lovers as “pets” and can be admired in special pools in their splendid variety of colours by young and old. Koi grow in ultra-modern recirculation plants under the highest hygienic precautions in the best water quality. Larger koi can be admired in the open-air plant. When you have learned all you need to know about sturgeon and Koi after this extraordinary fishing experience, you will be pampered with freshly smoked, warm trout from our own ponds.

The Fishgut

In the scenic Grünertal in Iserlohn lies one of the most modern fish farms for koi and sturgeon in Europe. On the estate you will find an abundance of fish that grow up in warm water circulation systems, in natural ponds and rearing tanks. The family runs another farm in Hövelhof. All useful fish (e.g. trout) are bred there. Lothar Primus, a trained fish farmer, has always dreamed of breeding fish. That is why, almost 20 years ago at the age of 19, he and his wife took over the fish that had existed since 1926. Lothar Primus is supported by trained specialists who bring their knowledge to the farm and actively contribute to the breeding success. The company’s expertise has spread far and wide and Lothar Primus and his staff are more and more often consulted on difficult questions concerning the construction and repair of fish ponds, fish farming and also the fishing of difficult waters. For this reason, a large selection of high-quality pond fish from our own open-air facilities is also on sale at the Fischgut. Even the connoisseur is catered for: You can taste the delicacies immediately in the farm’s own barn. Fish is offered daily either directly from the smoke or as fresh fish. At Christmas and New Year’s Eve the guest can take the carp freshly caught or order a fish platter.

The surroundings

The city of Iserlohn has a lot more to offer besides the famous Dechenhöhle. Whether on foot or by bike, a unique landscape awaits the visitor. You can follow in the footsteps of the wire makers or perhaps you would like to go for a walk at the beautiful lake Seilersee. On the way to the Fischgut you will get a first impression of the diversity of nature and the beautiful surroundings.


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