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Modulefilter- Blue and Green Edition

The module filter (Blue and Green Edition)is a miniaturized copy of our large filter systems with which we have successfully filtered several million litres of water in our plants biologically and maintenance-free for more than 20 years under production conditions.

A typical standard system consisting of two modules and attachments with a total filter water volume of 1,200 litres. This system is ideal for koi ponds, sturgeon ponds, garden ponds, sales and quarantine systems. The pond size should not be less than 5,000 litres and should not exceed 50,000 litres (depending on the fish stock), but it can easily be extended up to 200,000 litres for ponds/pools thanks to its construction



The water is first sterilized by a UV-C burner. In the sedimentation module, the suspended matter then settles and a first biological purification takes place. The water is trickled evenly over the trickling filter via the trickling plate of the trickling filter module. This is where the aerobic, biological main decomposition of pollutants takes place as well as oxygen enrichment and nitrogen reduction. Due to the modular construction it is possible to extend the plant horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of the pond up to a maximum of 300,000 litres.

We recommend to use a pump with at least 15.000 to 20.000 l for the water supply of the filter.


The filter material is, in contrast to sponges, brushes, lava stones etc., maintenance-free. This means that the filter only needs to be cleaned at very long intervals (several months). Cleaning is reduced to a simple opening of a tap. In the trickling filter module, the trickling filter enriches the water with oxygen, thus eliminating the need to ventilate the filter or garden pond with ventilation stones.

Module filter – Black Premium Edition

For some a guarantee of performance and water quality for others who want the “best”

The capacity of the “Black Premium Edition” modular filter is designed for pond and basin sizes with a high fish stock of between 5,000 and 50,000 litres. The “Black Premium Edition” modular filter can, however, be easily extended to 200,000 litres, thanks to its design, for ponds and basins.

The “Black Premium Edition” modular filter is a further development of the well-known and long-standing successful, versatile “Fischgut Primus” modular filter. The application ranges from professional quarantine systems to pond systems with a high fish stock to systems for BREEDER (breeders), who use the “Black Premium Edition” module filter as a filter for their recirculation systems.
The trickling of the module filter is, as usual, maintenance-free and is NEVER cleaned, in addition it is equipped with a suspended matter barrier.
The three stainless steel UVC burners, the TRI system a/75Watt is an essential component for fish health, even with heavy pond / basin stocking and is also very popular for pond systems with expensive fish stocking (water disinfection).

We recommend to use a pump with at least 20.000 to 30.000 l for the water supply of the filter.


Individual filter systems / Large systems

For garden ponds from 200.000l

For ponds with a large volume of water, the filter systems must also be dimensioned accordingly. This usually requires an individual design depending on the local conditions. The filter tanks can be made of GRP or concrete. Important for optimal filtration is a functional water supply between pump, filter and pond, which should already be determined during the construction of the pond.
As there are no “off-the-shelf” filters for large ponds, the decisions about optimal filtration are always made personally on site.

These are mostly very large Koi ponds for large Koi (the so-called Jumbo Koi) or sturgeon ponds, where the sturgeons are often used over 2-3 m in size and the ponds hold several million litres of water.

The pond owners also do not want to do without biological and ecological water filtration for the super ponds.

The sedimentation basins are equipped with a submerged maintenance-free filter medium and, depending on the pond size, with the appropriate number of professional UV-C burners for water disinfection. These sedimentations can be made of GRP and can hold up to 15,000 litres of water. They are designed for a pond of 1,000,000 litres (depending on the fish population). As a rule, these ponds are sunk into the bottom.

When larger sedimentations are needed, we build these basins from concrete on site, from ready-made concrete parts for a quick erection. These large basins are necessary to get very large amounts of water without pressure through the maintenance-free filter medium. This has a very positive effect on the power consumption of the pumps and the service life.

These systems only need to be cleaned at very long intervals, which is reduced to the simple opening of a slide!


The biological trickling filter

The trickling filters for large garden ponds (mostly Koi and sturgeon ponds) are extremely efficient and NEVER need to be cleaned! Trickling filter construction for a large plant with large filter volumes are individually manufactured. Also here the plants can be built with a collecting basin from GFK or completely from concrete. The trickling filters are a direct copy of our large plants from the intensive fish breeding. The oldest systems have been in continuous operation for 25 years and have never been cleaned or maintained thanks to their design. However, biological trickling filters should always be in operation so that they do not have to be inoculated again and again and can develop their extraordinary efficiency. On our Fischgut Primus the biological trickling filters have been maintenance-free in use for decades and can of course be inspected.

You can order and buy all module filters of Fischgut Primus very comfortably and simply directly on Fischgut Primus, or order your module filter simply in our online shop here at “fischlando” or
For individual systems project consulting please send us an e-mail via our contact form or call us directly for filter consulting at 0049-(0) 2371 51043.




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