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Module filters

The modular filter is a reduced copy of our large filter systems, with which we have successfully filtered several million litres of water biologically and maintenance-free for many years under technical production conditions in our plants.

A typical standard system consisting of two modules and add-on parts with a total water volume of 1,200 litres. This system is ideally suited for garden ponds, sales and quarantine facilities. The pond size should not be less than 5,000 litres and should not exceed 70,000 litres.


The water is first sterilized by a UV-C burner. The suspended matter then settles in the sedimentation module and a first biological purification takes place. Water is sprinkled evenly over the trickling filter module’s sprinkling plate. This is where the main aerobic, biological degradation of pollutants takes place, as well as oxygen enrichment and nitrogen reduction. Due to the modular design it is possible to extend the system horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of the pond up to a maximum of 300,000 litres.


Unlike sponges, brushes, lava stones, etc., the filter material is maintenance-free. This means that the filter only needs to be cleaned at very long intervals (several months). Cleaning is reduced to simply opening a tap. In the trickling filter module the water is enriched with oxygen by the trickling filter, thus aeration with fan stones of the filter or garden pond is not necessary.

Filter examples up to 100,000 litres

This filter system, which we can offer, consists of at least one or two modules to ensure effective filtering just as with large systems (sedimentation, trickling filters and UV-C burners). It can also be easily extended with additional modules or UV burners.
The systems are suitable for garden ponds, quarantine systems or sales systems and can be connected either one above the other or side by side. The filters are designed for ponds or basins with a maximum water volume of 100,000 litres.

In contrast to conventional garden pond filters, this filter system is almost maintenance-free. Maintenance only consists of opening a ball valve at large intervals. (several weeks or months)

Example 1

Modular filter with sedimentation and trickling filter in use at a 14,000 litre garden pond.

Module filter at a 5qm quarantine tank for 60cm Koi.

The addition of fresh water and cleaning of the filter is not necessary for the quarantine period (several months).

Example 2

On display is a sales system with seven basins each containing 600 litres of water and a modular filter. This system is run in full circulation and does not require a fresh water supply.

Example 3

Filter for a 100,000 litre pond consisting of three modules (one sedimentation, two trickling filters) and a Twin UV-C burner system due to very strong growth of suspended solids. The pump, a very powerful (25 sqm/h) and nevertheless economical (300 W) centrifugal pump from the professional use area, is installed in an interior, since this should also be operated in winter.

Example 4

On display is a Quattro system for a 75,000 litre garden pond, consisting of 2x2 modules connected next to each other. For optical reasons, the owner has placed the module filter in a wooden house.

Filter examples from 100,000 litres upwards

For ponds with a large water volume, the filter systems must also be dimensioned accordingly. This usually requires an individual construction, which depends on the circumstances on site. The filter basins can be made of GRP or concrete. A functional water supply between pump, filter and pond is important for an optimal filtration, which should already be determined during the construction of the pond.
Since there are no “off-the-peg” filters for large ponds, decisions on optimal filtering are always made personally on site.

Example 1

One sees the construction and installation of a sedimentation tank. The tank is equipped with an immersed filter and five professional UV-C burners. It holds 15,000 litres of water and is designed for a pond of 1,000,000 litres. This basin was sunk in the ground and is still provided with a wooden cover.

One sees commercial already existing GRP filter basins which were further used on customer’s request. The interior (sponges, brush mats and lava stones) had to make way for the construction of a new maintenance-free filter. For this purpose, the pipe cross-section was increased in order to considerably improve the water flow rate. In addition, powerful professional UV-C burners have been installed.

Example 2

Here a smaller trickling filter was installed, because the pond with 160,000 litres was too large for a module filter. The sedimentation tank was built in a separate location.

Example 3

A larger trickling filter was built for a 350,000 litre pond, which was green upon customer request.

Example 4

Trickling filter construction of a large plant with a filter volume of 25,000 litres, for a pond with 1,000,000 litres of water.

For static reasons, concrete was used as the building material for the basin.

Another advantage is the shorter construction time (two days), and the costs are also lower compared to GRP.

The pictures show the structure of the concrete elements and the subsequent filling with filter material.

Example 5

Here you can see a powerful centrifugal pump supplying a waterfall 180 m away.

Depending on the circumstances, we can install the pumps in shafts, filter chambers or pump houses.

We use centrifugal pumps for reasons of long service life, low energy consumption and high pumping capacities.


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