Laboratory and water purification


On request we can offer you complete equipment for your own laboratory, suitable for your aquaculture, in which you can e.g. examine your fish for their state of health with the help of microscopic equipment or analyse the water parameters such as iron, pH value, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate in your system with the help of analytical equipment. The laboratory is also equipped with syringes, needles, cylinders, pipettes and everything else for use in aquaculture. The complete accessories for artificial reproduction are also adapted to the fish to be produced and supplied. Optionally, the accessories can also be supplied for sex determination (for sturgeons etc.) e.g. ultrasound and the instruments for a biopsy.

Water treatment

With the help of an appropriate filter system, the required fresh water from the existing well can be treated, e.g. degassed. The fresh water treatment is specially adapted to your needs and the site conditions. If only surface water is available, we can treat the water and, if necessary, sterilise it using the appropriate UV-C burner to ensure trouble-free operation, e.g. in the fattening plant. For the breeding and juvenile fish facilities (should it not be possible to supply them with well water), an additional filter system can and should be installed upstream in order to supply them with surface water.



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