Young fish plant as hot water recirculation plant

The young fish rearing systems are designed in the same way as all filter systems of Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau. In contrast to the brood chamber, the filters are larger, as the fish are already in the seedling stage and therefore the fish volume is considerably larger. The fish live in rectangular tanks for pre-stretching, as this has proven to be very practical, as there is no need to clean the tanks. Several tanks can be placed on top of each other to save space. This system is particularly suitable for the seedlings, which come with over two to three centimeters from the hatchery, because you stand directly in front of the fish and thus have very easy access to the animals.

Furthermore, the construction of the young fish tanks allows a very long feed intake, which is very important for the feed conversion or the feed quotient. The seedlings remain depending upon fish species up to a size of 20 cm in the plant, in order to be set then directly into the large plants (fattening plants). The juvenile fish farm is the link between the hatchery and the fattening farm. System consisting of GFK rectangular basins, which can be placed on a stainless steel frame one above the other or next to each other; For some fish species, circular current basins are also used in the juvenile fish system.

The water purification takes place in several steps, as in the hatchery. The mechanical stage is located in a GRP sedimentation tank. The water is disinfected after the separation of suspended matter in the filter tank via professional UVC burners. The core of the cleaning process is the biological cleaning in the trickling filter.


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