Koi farm

As the demand for large colourful fish grew at the end of the eighties, we also started breeding coloured carp (Eurokoi). The knowledge gained from this was transferred to the breeding of Japanese Koi three years ago. Since then, both the plant and the range of colour varieties of the Koi have been constantly expanded.

For the highest possible level of hygiene, our system is divided into different compartments. Starting from the place of reproduction, over hatcheries, various circulation systems, as well as several large tanks where fish of all sizes and colours can swim.

For reasons of fish hygiene, all circuits operate separately and exclusively with well water. The individual circuits are equipped with large filters, trickling filters and UV systems in order to achieve the best possible water quality. Our solar system allows us to bring the water temperatures in each circuit to the desired temperature.


In our feed house you will find different kinds of feed in different quantities: 1.5 or 3 or 10 litres. For every fish species we have the right breeding food for all fish sizes:

Koi food (peppers) 1.8 to 7.0 mm
Koi feed (spirulina) 1.8 to 12.0 mm

Larger quantities of feed or for dealers we can also supply our breeding feed in larger units of 10, 15 or 25 kg.


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