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Fischgut-Primus - Example for filter up to 100.000l
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Example for modulefilters for ponds of 5.000 L up to 100.000 L

This filtersystem, that we are able to offer, is consisting of two modules, this necessary to provide the filterscapacity like in industrial recirculation systems (with sedimentation, trickling and UV-C burner). The extension of the filtersystem with further modules or UV-C burners is no problem.

The systems can be used for garden ponds, quarantine basins or show room systems, they can be placed on top of each other or side by side. The filter output is calculated to support a optimum watervolume of 100.000 L.

Unlike the general filter for garden ponds, this filter is nearly free of maintenance. The maintenance consists of opening the faucet approx. every four weeks.

In the following you can see some examples for modulefilter systems and their placement around the ponds.

Fischgut-Primus - Example for filter up to 100.000l

Modulefilter with sedimentation and trickling module at work for a 14.000 L pond.

Modulefilter next to a 5m³ quarantine basin for Koi-carp of 60 cm length.

The introduction of freshwater is not necessary for the time of the quarantine (a few month).

Fischgut-Primus - Example for filter up to 100.000l

Show room system with seven basins with 600 L each and modulefilter, this system is worked as a total recirculation and doesn`t need any freshwater input.

Filter for a 100.000 L pond consisting of three modules that are placed on top of each other (one sedimentation and two trickling) together with a UV-C Twin burner system to suppress floating algae. The pump is powerful (25m³/h) and at the same time inexpensive professional equipment, that is placed indoors, for working through wintertime. Fischgut-Primus - Example for filter up to 100.000l
Fischgut-Primus - Example for filter up to 100.000l

Here you can glimpse a Quattro system for a 75.000 L garden pond, consisting of two and two modules that are placed next to each other. The customer chose to fit the filter in a small shack.

Please see also our new website Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau for commercial recirculation systems or give us a call, we are glad to help you with any question you might have.