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Fischgut-Primus - Filtertechnology - Modulfilter
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The modulefilter a smaller version of our bigger filtersystem, which we use in our aquaculture to clean biologically millions of liters of water. They work under these circumstances (technical production) successfully with near to no maintenance.

A typical system consists of two modules and equipment with a water volume of 1.200 L. This filtersystem is fir for the use in garden ponds, showrooms or for quarantine systems. The size of the ponds of at minimum be 5.000 L and the most be 70.000 L.

The modulefilter system is extendable for pond complexes up to 300.000 L. For ponds bigger than that a customized filter should be used.


First the water is sterilized by flowing through the UV-C burner, then the bigger particles are removed by the sedimentation module and a first biological cleaning takes place. Over a trickling plate the water is spread evenly throughout the trickling module. Here the aerob and main biological degradation, a natural enrichment with oxygen and a nitrate reduction. Because of the module construction system it´s possible to extend the modulefilter vertically or horizontal depending on the conditions on site and the size of the pond (up to 300.000 L).

The filtermaterial is opposition to sponges, brushes, lava stones etc., free of maintenance. Therefore the filter has to be cleaned only in intervals of a few months. The cleaning is easy and basically consists in opening the faucet. In the trickling the water is naturally oxygenated and therefore there is no artificial oxygenation of the pond with for example airbulbs necessary.

Please see also our new website Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau for commercial recirculation systems or give us a call, we are glad to help you with any question you might have.